Get Highly Targeted & Organic Instagram Growth

We create a customized organic strategy to help you gain 100% real, relevant, targeted and engaged followers each month.

How It Works

Our customized, organic strategy is effective for clients in any country and with any account type!

Share Information About Your Target Audience

How do we help you reach your desired audience? After signing up, we’ll work with you to build a customized list of Instagram accounts that have similar audiences to yours.

We'll Get Their Attention via "Targeted Engagement"

We’ll then use your account to engage (follow/unfollow & like) with people in your target audience (people who are already following similar accounts to yours).

Your Account's Followers and Engagement Will Grow

This leads to real, relevant, and engaged people getting an Instagram notification, checking out your profile, and then following you back and engaging with your content if they’re interested.

Client Results

Since we’re an organic service, growth can vary significantly depending on the content quality and niche.

Anonymous Musician

1,200+ followers gained

Why Our Clients Love!

Why do 88.5% of our clients continue with our service each month?

No Fake/Bot Followers

No fake followers. We use targeted engagement to attract real, relevant, targed and engaged people to your profile.

Safety First Approach

We have a very different approach to safety than other services. Read more here.

Industry Leading Growth

We have been providing Social Media Marketing Services as a team since 2013. After years of experience we have created our own unique strategy.

Fast Customer Service

We’re real humans and you’ll have a dedicated account manager from Canada who will help you achieve your goals!

Engagement Growth

Engagement tends to grow naturally with the follower growth since these are real, relevant people.

Location Targeting

We can help you reach an audience in any city or country.

We Never Unfollow People You're Following

We never unfollow people who we don’t follow directly! Your friends and family are safe.

You Can Mute People We Follow

Even though we’re following people, you can mute them so your feed will stay clean!

100% Real Instagram Growth

Choose your growth plan and start getting real followers on Instagram today.

Zibbly Price

The Creative

You're an influencer or entrepreneur whose Instagram savvy and focused on growth

$49 /mo Get Started
  • Moderate Growth
  • Smart Filters
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Safe and Secure
  • 10 Targets
Zibbly Price

The Professional

Great for any brand or influencer who is serious about getting real followers on Instagram

$149 /mo
$99 /mo Get Started
  • Maximum Growth
  • Smart Filters
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Safe and Secure
  • 40 Targets
  • Premium Email Support
  • Hashtag Targeting
  • Location Targeting 📍
  • Blacklist

Ready for targeted, organic Instagram growth?

We’re ready to grow your account and engagement the right way!

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